Royal Extract Body Creme

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5 ounces, Engraveable Lid
The ultimate nourishment for your skin with concentrated ingredients and exceptional performance. Royal Jelly, honey, Vitamins C and E, peptides, anti-oxidants and collagen builders erase dryness and wrinkles producing younger, softer and more supple skin. The ultimate retreat for your skin is complete in beautiful keepsake packaging with a tarnish free nickel plated lid which is very suitable for engraving. Refill with item # 12-01035R.

The delight of every Queen Bee, Royal Extract delivers a sweet blend of golden honey and Royal Jelly. Named the “elixir of life” for its ability to enrich and restore the body, Royal Jelly also soothes your soul in this luscious scent.

Inspiration: Classic
Regal, Traditional, Warm Hues of Honey
Fragrance Notes: Warm Richness
Golden Honey, Sweet Apple Blossoms, Soft Woods

Luxury is...finding Royal Extract in the only seven star hotel in the world.