Tryst Body Creme

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5 ounces, Engraveable Lid
The fragrant and floral elegance of Tryst embraces your skin in a rich luxurious creme. Vitamins C and E, peptides, anti-oxidants and collagen builders erase dryness and wrinkles, producing younger, softer and more supple skin. The ultimate retreat for your skin is complete in beautiful keepsake packaging with a tarnish free nickel plated lid which is very suitable for engraving. Refill with item # 12-01064R.

It is impossible to keep your encounters with Tryst a secret. Our signature fragrance and most glamorous collection leaves you awestruck with its bold bouquet of green florals, fleur d’ orangery and jasmine.

Inspiration: Glamorous
Opulent, dazzling, a couture style
Fragrance Notes: Sophisticated Floral
Green Florals, white jasmine, fleur 'd orangery

Luxury is...having a vanity filled with the glitzy look of Tryst.