Glamorous Laundry Wash by Tyler

Glamorous Wash® The best luxury laundry detergent for your clothes or linens available in 4 sizes: Gallon (128 oz), Large (32 oz), Medium (16 oz), and Small (4 oz). The amount you should use per load of laundry is 1/3 of a cup which is recommended by Tyler Candles however, depending on your preference, you might want to use more or less. Some people desire a stronger scent and may use more Glamorous Wash. Others may only need a little and get more loads by using less. Either way, a gallon size would wash between 40-50 loads, while a small, medium or large size makes the perfect gift. The small bottle is enough to find out which fragrance you like the best.

The wash can be used for both machine washing and hand washing and is safe for all High Efficiency machines.

Long lasting aroma that doesn't harm your clothes. Just think, your laundry will be fresh, clean, and smell like Diva, High Maintenance, Kathina or French Market all day long. Your sheets, towels, and blankets will make you smile with every touch!

People love the way their laundry smells once they wash their clothes with Tyler’s fine laundry detergent. Glam Wash can be used for all types of clothes: Delicates, Hand-Washables, Workout Clothes. You will be amazed at how awesome your whole house smells if you used the wash when you clean your floors, just add it to the water.

Your Friends Will Wonder Where That Glamorous Fragrance Comes From!

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